Things you think I want to talk about but I don’t at all:

"Real Hip Hop" vs. Rap

The Jets

Any Serious Discussion About Conspiracies


Things I always want to talk about but no one ever asks:

Cutty from The Wire.

Back Lanes.

Michael Rapaport*

*And especially his friendship with Sean P. But not the ATCQ doc. Or his sitcom. 

12 Dec 11 at 12 am

here is a picture of me. in my apartment.

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here is a picture of me. in my apartment.

oh nothing, just screwing with your tonight and your tomorrow.

14 Oct 11 at 9 pm

Asked by unicornpegasus

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asker what up, dope blog freal, umm you from winnipeg??

yessss! i am. and yours is totally rad too - i’m glad we both posted grippin grain spam

The internet man. what a trip. you know?

04 Oct 11 at 11 pm

Asked by aleven11

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asker fucin RAD blog.

Woah. You’re my fav.

04 Oct 11 at 12 am
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The landscapes on Breaking Bad are fucking incredible.

15 Sep 11 at 6 pm
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